Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scam Of The Ages

How many times have you seen these ads thrown into your face ?  The words revitalizing, clinically proven, and LOOK BETTER IN 24 HOURS repeated like some kind of ritual.  It is the newest craze in personal care and people are flocking with the herd to the pharmacy in record numbers. The source of all this foolery is a life force attacking army sent by the same "scientist" who say flu shots are good for you with artillery made up of scented creams, flavored pills, and deodorizing sprays called anti-aging products.  There has been an overwhelming amount of buzz throughout the last few years on these "breakthrough fountain of youths" with the majority focusing on the skin (wrinkles, drooping of eyes etc.).  They all claim to be the next big thing and all guarantee results that they can never pull through on.  The best sellers have flashy advertisements full of catch phrases and unrealistic before and after photo's that leave my mind numb but tickle the average person's buying bone to the point where they can no longer stand without having it.  Maybe not that ridiculous but you catch my drift.  This entire anti aging fad is nothing more than a scam out to take your money and make you age quicker only having to buy more products as a result.  It's the same nonsense that tricks the consumer year after year.  Achieving anti aging actually has nothing to do with these products or the skin in general, it is strictly about the condition of your body.  What you eat, drink, inhale, any type of consumption you make relates to the aging process.  If you are constantly eating fast food's filled with processed garbage and drinking corn syrup, aspartame filled soft drinks your body will age and ultimately shut down at an alarming rate.  On the contrary if you are feeding yourself with organic meats, vegetables, and drinking tons of water your body will show very little signs of aging at all and you will feel on top of the world.  This is not to say that taking care of your skin is not important either.  Almost all of the skin care products sold on the market today are pumped full of chemicals that will actually majorly damage your skin over time.  There's many different practices you can use to properly moisturize your skin but two typically easy to find sources are coconut oil and aloe lotion, all nature and organic of course.  Exercise is also key to slowing down the aging process.  You need to exercise daily, no matter what you are doing just try and work up a sweat at the very least a few times a week.  The last piece to the puzzle is your state of mind or emotional level.  If you are level headed and generally happy you will live longer and if you're the opposite aka a negative person who stresses easily you will most likely age much faster and even if you don't your life will not be the most pleasant experience anyways.  Why live long if you're unhappy and unsatisfied.  If you're going to be striving to live a healthy life you may as well live a happy life.  It's just that simple, you don't need to go out and buy one of the thousand different creams or pills you just need to visit a local farmer. The point is don't fall into the trap of anti aging and buy loads of garbage that will only worsen your life.  It's the same for any health problem, just eat and drink what is closest to nature as possible.  Consume as nature intends it!
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Law Of Attraction & Energy

Many of you may have heard about the Law Of Attraction or similar topics before but most people don't really understand or can even comprehend beyond their limited sense of view the true depth and deepness behind this concept.  There is a lot of truth in the popularized version in the masses displayed by books such as The Secret but the Law Of Attraction is so much more vast and enthralling than creating dream boards and imagining a luxury car, though dream building is an important aspect in attaining your desires.  The basic definition of the Law Of attraction is simply, what you put out you will get back, some cultures define this as karma.  The thing that is not particularly taught in the popularized version of this is the scientifically proven fact that has actually been known for thousands of years of how the brain works and how reality in the physical plain work in general.  I have written many times of how at base level everything is energy and not actually solid as most people believe and this is obvious since atoms are 99.9% "empty space" which is really just pure energy.  Everything in this world is energy and that energy all vibrates to different frequencies.
Our brain is also a transmitter of frequency and it is receiving and sending out frequency on a second to second basis every day of our lives and this has been proven by science and geniuses such as Albert Einstein.  This frequency is then put into our auric field of energy which surrounds our body which is actually what our mind is.  Our mind and our brain are actually two separate parts of our experience but most people consider them the same thing.  The brain is in our skulls and is used to basically power our biological computer or body and our mind is the auric field of energy which surrounds us.  Everything in the physical universe has it's own representation of a mind down to plants, this lap top I'm typing on, and even planets itself.  It is simply the frequency and energy that our collective experience is resonating and it is the reason why some people feel "bad vibes" or "good vibes" around certain people, areas, or objects.  It's simply the frequency that is currently resonating from the specific thing.  Our every thought and emotion is instantly transmitted from our brain to the auric field and instantly transmitted to every other brain and auric field in existence and the reason for this is actually quite simple and I have covered it in my other articles frequently.  Everything in existence in this physical universe is actually a smaller part or offshoot of the whole, which is Consciousness.  We are only a piece of the all knowing Consciousness having a specific experience and that is all anything is doing.  So the reason why frequencies are automatically picked up by everything else is because we are all the same Consciousness having separate experiences.  It's safe to say then since our auric field is a representation of the collective feelings and thoughts we are vibrating at the time that everyone and everything on this planet's collective feelings and thoughts is what shapes planet Earths auric field.
The way the Law Of Attraction ties in to this is very simple, whatever thoughts and feelings you are resonating and vibrating and whatever the specific frequency you sending out into the universe that is what you`ll get back.  Every frequency is looking for a frequency to match it which is why everything you send out is what you get back or as the saying goes, "what comes around goes around".  Relationships are actually only vibrational connections between two people and love in relationships most of the time is only a chemical produced in the brain which is why it is possible for geneticist to make two people who would normally have nothing to do with each other fall in love by stimulating this chemical.  The partner you fall in love with is someone you currently have a vibrational connection with and is someone you drew into your life by putting out a similar frequency to theirs.  Everything in your life manifested by the frequencies you resonated which caused specific events to take place to cause it.  Everyone`s lives are a physical representation of what goes on inside or the vibration you have been putting out.  Take this as an example, if you see someone who is always down and depressed and complaining about how their life is in a rotten state what always happens ?  Situations and circumstances occur to keep that person in the exact same state since that is the vibration they are putting out.  This is also why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  It may seem to some that this is unfair and ridiculously selfish and some even try to discredit this by saying if it were true than children would not be starving, there would be no wars, and no strife or suffering would take place.  The bottom line is this, the mass majority do not have the knowledge of this information and have thus been going on with life the way that they were put into it so if you were born in poverty, most people believe they will never escape it and die in poverty, which means they are vibrating that frequency.  The reason this information has been kept from the public is because the elite or ruling class are very parasitical to human advancement and evolution and wish to stay in power and control over us for reasons I will come to in another article.  The point is that they know this knowledge and constantly apply it to their advantage while trying their best to keep it secret and hidden from the masses.  The difference is once you do know this information, literally every problem or negative part of your life is easily reversible.  All you have to do is change your vibrational frequency, simple as that.
If what you have vibrated up to this point has manifested into a life that is full of problems, negativity, and all the other bullshit than clearly you will have to change your frequency.  Instead of being fearful be excited for what the future holds, instead of letting problems get you down see them as opportunity, instead of being angry at what you don`t have, be grateful for what you do and strive to have more and be happy like it's already coming to you.  Some call this wishful thinking but it's not wishful if you know you already have it.  For most this will be a hard process to make the switch and I myself have went through it but since I did my life has been extraordinarily better and keeps getting better everyday.  Once doing this becomes unconscious and you just instinctively have the right attitude you will be able to handle situations and problems easily and actually take the challenge with confidence and vigor that it will prove to be beneficial in the grand scheme of things.  The most profound statement I ever heard before was, "if you want things in your life to change, you're going to have to change things in your life" and it is really that simple.  Once you begin to vibrate positive thoughts and feelings those are what will be attracted to you.  The reason The Secret prompts you to create dream boards and put up pictures of the things you want is to put the positivity into your thoughts which transmits into the universe those feelings and thoughts and you have now learned why.  Everything you put out whether positive or negative comes back in so why not take control of your life and create the things you want.  Life is absolutely amazing because once you know this information and apply it, anything you want is readily available to you and the universe wants you to have it.  Once you put out the frequency of what you want, situations will arise and people will walk into your life that if acted upon will bring you your desires.  The main thing to focus on and vibrate to manifest is to be happy because whatever the specific things that the universe draws into your life, that is the goal, to be blissfully happy and have excitement for what each day brings.  Would you rather wake up every morning and say "fuck my life" or wake up ready to face the day with excitement and thrill for what it may bring.  I personally would rather love my life wouldn't you ?  I'd also be happy to help anybody with really grasping this concept since it is probably the most important aspect of daily life so if you have any further questions or want more information, feel free to email me or go like my Facebook page I recently created, .  Now start raising your vibration and creating your life, the worlds in your hands!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Halves Of A Whole

Humanity is currently at a crucial point in our evolutionary and spiritual development where we must make the important decision to become fully conscious beings of love or stay slaves of a false holographic reality in which we are chained to limitation and are prone to much suffering.  The people at the top of the social and political pyramid are hastily working towards their goal of creating a one world government which will mirror and perhaps exceed the horrific picture displayed in George Orwell's famous book 1984.  We are really at the fork in the road to decide whether to open our minds and connect back with our consciousness or submit to the elite and set the precedent for the generations to come while living in a world where freedom won't even exist.  The thing people have to first realize is that although there are many different levels that this conspiracy operates at and although there are all kinds of seemingly separate aspects and dots that connect, this is all a part of one grand conspiracy at the top level.  On one hand we have the Orwellion agenda with a one world government, one currency, one army, mass surveillance, and every day slavery while on another we have us being manipulated through our minds to become stuck in third dimension reality while never reaching our true potential and being able to reconnect with our true selves, but they are one in the same.  Currently we are totally disconnected to our true selves and are becoming more robotic than human everyday.
Our brain has two sides which are used for different functions.  The left side of the brain which controls the right side of your body see's everything as separate and is used for logic, analytical thought, storing knowledge, mathematics, language, sequencing, and is the educational side of the brain which allows us to perform day to day task with ease.  The right side of the brain which controls the left side of your body see's everything as one and equal and is used for creativity, imagination, feeling, instinct, spiritual ascension, compassion, and allows us to reconnect with our consciousness.  In the ideal state both sides of our brains work together in unison with no half having more influence.  Both side's are equally important to our survival and evolution but the problem is that due to manipulative conditioning through society, education, and even our peers, the left side is used much more than the right side and has become dominate in people.  This is why I said earlier that people are becoming more robotic than human.  The elite want to turn us into a walking machine slave race to suit their needs and to achieve this they must make sure we are all left brain thinkers.  It is already apparent that our left brain in dominant since the majority of people are right handed since the left brain controls the right side of your body.  In the olden days people who were left handed were brutally killed because the kings and queens or the elite of the time spread the fear mongering lie that these people were the work of the devil but the real reason is that they feared they were right brain thinkers and could possibly discover their true potential through reaching different states of being.  Children are being conditioned from a young age to stop believing in fairy tales, stop using their imagination, stop having fun and grow up so that they become left brain thinkers which will basically turn them into robots who can spew out facts and perform task but have no feelings or sense of being.  This is why the education system focuses solely on the curriculum at hand and does not promote alternative research or learning of any kind with the threat of failing.  All they want is for kids to be able to name off usually irrelevant and pointless "facts" that are usually untrue in nature in certain subjects anyways.  The education system in general is a tool to suppress truth and to indoctrinate children to follow the rules of society and structure them to be "A-class" citizens.  The right side of our brain is what connects us to higher dimensions of reality and higher states of consciousness.  Psychedelic "drugs" such as DMT, also known as the spirit molecule, affect the right brain and bring it into a different state of consciousness where you are able to connect with your true self.  DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is actually a natural produced chemical in our brain while we sleep and is the cause of dreams.  Dreams in general are one hundred percent right brain creations, they are simply subconscious imagination.  As I said both sides are equally important but we have pushed the right brain to the side and allowed our left brain to be dominant.  Our left brain is also the root cause of the ego which further see's everything as separate and always strives to be dominant.  Here are two pictures displaying the two sides of the brain and some of their functions and uses:
We need to begin using our right brain in unison with the left again instead of being left brain dead dominate zombies.  Another crucial aspect of this is to realize that we are conscious beings having a human experience and this physical reality is only vibrational energy condensed so it appears solid.  I have written multiple times about how we are what we call God (since we control our reality or physical experience) and that religion is a fraud massed with symbolism to manipulate but there is another reason other than social stratification.  Religion was also created to keep us from the truth of our existence in general.  Rather than keeping us from the truth about who the named god or "god's" are (see for more info) and the symbolic myths and stories about our creation and history this is the most profound reason.  We are merely Consciousness having an experience in this physical realm and in reality everything in existence is one.  We are all made up of the same energy and we are simply having this experience as a human being.  We are being's split in half between physical reality and our true self and we must come back to base level to really understand our existence and be free.  At the end of the day we are just an offshoot of the whole and so is the chair I am sitting in and the lap top I am typing on.  Even mainstream scientist are coming more to this conclusion everyday rather than simply alternative scientist and researchers.  The more we make the shift to using our right brain in unison the faster we will realize everything is one and every individual thing is just a spin off of the whole.  We literally have the universe in the palm of our hand.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012: Galactic Alignment, Precession, New Age, Consciousness Shift All In One Year

What is 2012 and why are we hyping it up as such a significant time ?  Well first let's lose all of the doomsday theories and all the fear mongering that the world is going to get hit by asteroids or get blown up by gamma rays because if such a thing actually happened, which I am confident it won't, we shouldn't waste our time dwelling on it anyways.  The hype around 2012 has expedited majorly in recent years but people have been writing about and researching into it for many years now.  The most known aspect of 2012 is the spread fear mongering by the mainstream feeds that the ancient Mayan people's calender happens to suddenly end's on December 21st, 2012.  People of course eagerly took this as they were predicting that the world would end on this date when there is not much evidence pointing to that fact other than the ending of the calender.  The fear is so widely spread by the way is because the negative energy produced by fear is the most useful thing to the elite and without us being in a state of constant fear to some degree the elite could not stay in power.  The reason why the calender ended in 2012 in my opinion after all my research is because it is the end of an astronomical cycle our solar system goes through which lasts approximately 26,000 years and just so happens to come to end on... 2012!  There is also smaller cycles within the full cycle that last about 2000 years and we are currently in the Pieces age which is represented by Jesus and the "Jesus fish" and are going into the age of Aquarius which is supposed to, according to researchers and astronomers, begin in...2012!
 The Age Of Aquarius
In the bible Jesus says he will be with his followers until the end of the world, but this is a mistranslation and is really supposed to say eon which means age.  So the mythological religious figure known as Jesus will only be with his followers until the new age of Aquarius which is coming very soon.  The ages are astrological cycles depicted as the signs of the Zodiac which are simply constellations of stars in the sky.  Jesus is the Pieces fish which is why he fed plenty of people with bread and two fish, and of course if you look at the symbol for Pieces it just happens to be two fish.  It is also why the Jesus fish which you see on plenty of Christian's vehicle's back bumpers and the symbol is the same as Pieces.  To view more examples of Jesus personifying himself as Pieces you can check out this article,, though I don't agree with it in it's entirety it does make a lot of good points.  The age before was represented as Aries the ram and the other mythological religious figure known as Moses blows the ram's horn and it is disgusted when his followers are worshiping the bull and orders them to kill each other to cleanse themselves.  Because he represented the new age and the death of the old one, or the coming of the ram and ending of the bull.  There is plenty more to it than this but you get the basic picture.
Galactic Alignment & Precession
The cycle of 26,000 years appears to end on 2012 and that is when precession will occur.  Precession is in simplest terms the suns backwards rotation in relation to the earth through the constellations or zodiac signs.  It makes it way annually through all of them and every approximately 72 years moves one degree backwards.  Over around 2000 years it makes it's way through one of the constellations or ages and at the end of the 26,000 year cycle it has completed every age.  This is due to the slight wobble of the Earths axis as it spins through the solar system.  The end of the large cycle is known as the Great Year or Platonic Year in astrology.   This is supposed to take place in 2012 and if that is true which a lot of scientist and researchers believe it is we are in the time of massive change taking place.  There are many researchers into the esoteric and new age beliefs that state that in 2012 we will reach galactic alignment with the Sun and moon which means we will be perfectly in a straight line.
Consciousness Shift
So what do the theories I've outlined mean and how do they intertwine ?  There is a shift of consciousness happening as we speak and has been catching up speed like crazy and is increasing every single day.  As I have said in earlier post we are not a physical being having a spiritual experience but a spiritual being having a physical experience and in all actuality we are only energy at our core and our true self is as I said viewing this reality through a computer screen we know as the human or physical body.  More and more people are waking up to the hoaxed freedom perpetrated by bloodline families and at a lower level by wealthy bankers and this is obvious by the absolutely massive amount of people involved and supporting the Occupy Movement.  In my personal experience I have met many people in the past year who are aware of the nonsense that is taking place and it seems like the number of people waking up is greatly growing daily.  This is what I call the consciousness shift because we are becoming conscious of the fact that we are being controlled and are not free at all.  This shift can be taken on many different levels, at the regular level with the Occupy movement and fighting for freedom, one level above with being happier and becoming a better person, and at the top level with the spiritual experience.  By spiritual I do not mean religious in any aspect because religion is a dogma created to keep us manipulated, suppressed, and kept in the dark from the truth about our existence, while being spiritual is essential to reaching higher consciousness and being completely at harmony and in tune with yourself.  The age of Aquarius, the great cycle, precession, galactic alignment, whatever you would like to use refers to us, humanity, having a major shift in consciousness and our energy vibrating much higher which reconnects us to our true being and that is the elite's biggest fear.  The Sun also plays an important role in this, the Sun's flares are actually caused by our consciousness and vibrations reacting with it's energy and I believe from my research that the recent increase in the Sun's flares is connected directly to the amount of people vibrating higher.  The energy that is radiated from the Sun directly affects us daily and without it life on Earth would cease to exist which is why all religions are based on Sun worship whether symbolically or blatantly obvious.  As we become more open to the Sun's energy and vibrations I am sure we will become happier more physically adapt and overall much more powerful and better people.  What I believe will happen in 2012 is not the end of the world but the beginning of it.  This will be the beginning of us retaking the world and living in harmony with it, whether than a few at the top controlling the masses and causing plenty of suffering and harm.  This is not to say it will be an easy road, not at all, the Illuminati bloodline elitist will surely throw everything in their power to stop and halt our ascension.  But there is nothing to fear except fear itself so do not stress over these people.  This shift cannot be stopped at this point no matter what they do, in my opinion we have already won this game.
Again it is all a choice, either we continue along this path and be controlled and lied to and live in suffering or live in a world full of wonder and happiness not even comprehended currently.  The path is open and is almost being handed to us but whatever we choose to do we will all return to total consciousness in the end but I would rather live my physical experience in a paradise than a piece of shit wouldn't you ?
Happy 2012 until next time!

Friday, December 23, 2011

From Infancy To Adulthood

From the moment we are born we are barraged by manipulation, conditioning, and pressure to become the image of what is around us.  As kid's we're led to believe that we must conform to what society tells us and basically give in to the norms laid out to us.  It's easy to see, just take a look at the relationship between the current fad and children or teens.  The only reason it is popular is because it is presented to kids constantly through the various media outlets (radio, commercials, magazines, etc.) which imbeds the idea that it is "cool" or "hip" in our brains.  It's simple psychology that if you show someone who isn't consciously aware of what is going on something enough times they will begin to form somewhat of a bond with the object or item.  The popularity of music is a prime example, sales and popularity are not one bit based on artistry or talent they are purely based on who gets the most exposure, or in better terms who gets marketed best and who has the biggest budget.  Hip Hop artist Joe Budden put it in layman's terms in the song Microphone when he said in one line, "fuck record sales or who the machine markets best," it couldn't be more true.  The reason that this is important and has major significance is because it proves that we are easily controllable and that we can be directed towards the goals of those in control.

What the Illuminati elite wish us to be is basically walking zombies or robots obeying and conforming to everything they say while are our mind is being controlled or is not in our possession but is in the hands of those at the top.  It can be symbolized perfectly by us being sheep and the authority figures being the sheep dogs directing the herd to the slaughter.  We also police ourselves through peer pressure and trying to adjust everyone to the norms or get labeled as "weird" or as a "loser" so in a way we are our own sheep dogs of our community.  These norms get dragged with us as we mature and soon we become exactly what the puppeteers wish us to be.
One of the largest aspects of this mind control is the manipulation of our true loving selves.  At every persons core we are a being of pure energy and everlasting love no matter who you are or what your beliefs.  When we are kids we are basically subconsciously programmed to grow up and be "mature" as soon as possible.  Have you ever really wondered why children see adults as "boring" well the real reason is that most adults do not find pleasure or excitement in the little things in life and adults are majorly separated from their pure self.  Usually men and women are an extreme example of the male and feminine traits while we should all be a good combination of both.  I will focus on men more because I myself am a man and can speak more freely on every aspect from personal experience.  Men are built and designed to become "real men" but the idea popularized as that term cannot be farther from the truth.  Men think that we must always be strong, testosterone filled animals, and anything that can be viewed as sensitive makes you less of a man or "soft".  Men are actually children in an adult body,  they are filled with fear subconsciously and since they cannot deal with it they portray the image of being a "tough guy" to create a false sense of comfort.  Real men are in tune with themselves and accept their sensitive side as a permanent part of their being and can confidently deal with all of their fears without suppressing the feelings.  The same goes for women but I will address this more in a later post.  The point I am trying to get across here is that we are mind controlled on a daily basis whether we like it or not and the only way to break free is to become conscious of the fact so we may make our own intelligent decisions on the person we would like to be.  Would you rather be an average person full of fear, guilt, resentment, paranoia, and regret where everything seems mediocre and bleak or would you rather be a being filled with sustaining love, happiness, confidence, humor, and physical bliss where even the simplest things in life bring you vast excitement and joy.  The choice is yours but whatever path you choose to take, people must learn to accept it.  As long as nobody forces their beliefs and dogmas on anyone else they can believe anything and live anyway they would like.  If everyone respects others beliefs and no one forces any upon anyone else we can move forward as a humanity who strives for greatness and is total harmony with the universe as we send out our true unconditional love.